Photo Courtesy of Gateway Community Church Facebook Page
Acceptance has been a clamor in this world from the beginning. These days, people try to fill this need through the pseudo world of social media. However, is the struggle for acceptance in this “make-believe” world worth the efforts?
“Welcome Home,” the tagline of Gateway Community Church, is to promote an individual, as well as a community, sensitive environment. It aims to give each and everyone the sense of BELONGING, we all wanted, and OWNERSHIP to be able to share the same to others.
With sense of BELONGING, each individual can feel accepted in a community without having to change their real identity or be scared of being judged for who they are. In turn, these people will have the sense of OWNERSHIP by making others feel accepted too.
Gateway Community Church, launching the “#CNQST2600”, is targeting both residents and transients of Baguio City in all age groups – young professionals, college and high school students, kids, and adults. “CNQST” stands for CONQUEST, while “2600” is the zip code for Baguio City.

IPRO (Young Professionals)
Getting tired and exhausted trying to be the best in the career we have chosen, we need to have a place where we can be relaxed surrounded by people who can either listen or give us advices. iPro (to be scheduled) is designed to cater to every young professionals who need a relaxing place to hang out and inspiring people to hang out with.
We may be tired from work but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to enjoy and relax!

NYTLIFE (College Students) & NYT HIGH (High School Students)
One of our basic needs is to have the sense of acceptance and belonging. Young people, most especially, want to be heard and accepted just the way we are. We need a support system, not a critic, where we can just be ourselves. In turn, NYTLife (6-7pm on Fridays) & NYT High (3-5pm on Saturdays) is a BARKADA (group or peer or friend) focused in being a living influence for everybody by redirecting our attention to better and more productive activities, while being an inspiration to others.
We may be young and not influential but we can also be a living inspiration to other people. We just have to be accepted the way we are, not judged for who we are not!

Pastor Ed Curbin warned churches not to neglect the children and we are proud because we have been catering to the children. The Kids Republic is happening during Sundays, so bring your kids and let them join us.

As they say it, “A new broom sweeps clean but the old brush knows all the corners.” We may be young and strong but this group is wise and experienced. The ADULT GROUP will be having its pilot even on February 25 through a post-valentine movie marathon.

“Come home to the place where you belong, a place you can call your home!”