Everything started from a simple dream of having my own cellular phone. I got my first personal phone when I was 16 and it was given to me as a gift by my eldest brother. When I got my first phone, I started to dream for a better phone so when I worked besides my clothes and other necessities that I need to get, I also bought my second phone and I was 19 back then. After a year and living in a city which is very prone to the new technology, I bought my current phone. Aside from having better gadget that goes with the improving technology, I got my own laptop when I was 19.
As our generation continue to outward the obsolete technology and bring newer and better ones to the market, people continue to have more convenient and comfortable life. Unlike the old days, we can send emergency messages in a matter of seconds and doesn't take days or months to have a telegram delivered. Because of technology, we can now take photos of anything then scan which one is worth retaining unlike before we need to take the best shot or the photograph is waste. It is also obvious that because of technology we can now save our documents and check errors for a better paperwork than having a lot of wasted resources just because of errors. In short, technology makes our lives easier.
Despite of the good effects and results that we had from technology, we always have the loopholes about it. Technology may have been very important and is playing very vital role in our daily routine and careers but sometimes we tend to forget its real essence. Some people use their knowledge in technology to gain advantage against other or to outwit others. Some use technology to simulate and falsify documents. As the primary aim of technology is to provide better and faster service to the public but the freedom of access to it would require us to be more disciplined too.
As we use to call it, “Freedom comes with great responsibility.” The technological advancement that we have these days should help us in our own betterment and won’t destroy us instead. The accessibility of technology that we have should be dealt with discipline, responsibility, and accountability for everyone’s welfare and safety.