Children are said to be gifts from heaven and we do acknowledge their existence in our society because we were once upon a time, a child too. As a part of our tradition already, we celebrate children's month every October and since it is October, I decided to write about it.
As a child, we see everything so lightly but we can't avoid the instances where we tend to carry what's more than what we can. I really don't know if it is the effect of technology or what but I sometimes observe that kids of today were not like when we were kids. I know the fact that season changes as the years pass but if I would be asked, I'd rather choose the kids before. Kids before are really kids while kids of today try to advance everything. In this post, I would like to say that life is a process. Everything comes and goes at a time. If you are a child, you should enjoy it because you can never bring it back.
It is very evident that sometimes we try to let or we expect the kids to act older than how old they really are nut if we open our eyes to the reality, we should understand that, we all came from childhood. We play around, we commit mistake, and we sometimes explore but that's life. We can never learn about it if we are inside a box, forced to mature without even to be a child.
As we celebrate the children's month this year, I hope that we are better people. I hope that we treat the kids like one because to live a life, we should pass through the biological maturity process as well as mental, emotional, psychological, and more. As a child, kids should take every little step and enjoy it because once your old, you may think like one but you can never be a kid again.

Happy 20th National Children's Month...