It maybe irritating in the part of the listener to hear the same thing over and over again. Elders keep on reiterating such advice but it is still being ignored. Mistakes that were committed weren't used as a learning experience but an excuse to do the same. This is what happens to teenage pregnancy issue. Our parents and older people never fail to remind us on the possible consequences but it is still evident in our community. We always want to discover things on our own not thinking that what we are doing can’t be reversed.
I was pressuring myself on what are the real reasons behind this unending problem about teenage pregnancy. It made me realize of the reality that we can observe around us. The most common excuse that we can’t avoid is lack of parental guidance. We always put the blame to the parents, basically, because the first classroom is at home and the behavior reflects how the person was grown. Sometimes, we also come to a point when we put the blame to the society and to the government, which doesn't have anything to do with our children.

We have different reasons or causes on teenage pregnancy depending on certain situations. After reading a lot of information about teenage pregnancy and asking those who experienced it, it made me realize that factors include lack of parental guidance, society or environmental influence, and media. When we say lack of parental guidance, it doesn't only mean that the parents were not around but also they were spoiled, not guided accordingly, or the attention that they need from their parents were not given. Another factor is the societal or environmental influence where we see a lot of young people who experienced it but doesn't regret it at all. If the younger generation won’t see this people regret and share the things they regret then their experience won’t serve as the learning experience for the next generation. On the other hand, even if those who were already grown up share their regrets to the younger ones, the mentality of the young people of this ages is ‘to try or to see is to believe’, where they are more curious on what they will be having in exchange of what they will do. Lastly, the influence of the media or the television series is sometimes inappropriate to the teenagers because instead of the youths learning the lesson from what they are watching, the more that they engage their selves on premarital sex.

In exchange to this teenage pregnancy, in some cases is early marriage. Once this young people enter into early marriage there will be lesser chance that they will finish their studies in preparation of their future. In the long run, their kids will be the ones to suffer. Aside from the children to suffer, it will also contribute in the fast growth of the population. In some scenarios where these teenagers are afraid of responsibilities, it is more likely that they employ abortion as an option which is illegal and may cause more complications and problems. Teen Age pregnancy effects to poverty.

Causes and effects of teenage pregnancy can’t be enumerated in just a sitting because everybody has their own reasons and causes which we can’t say and don’t know. Its effects are also innumerable because the obvious effects are too many to mention. It just makes us regret when we are already suffering all the consequences of our irresponsibility. On the good side, it teaches us to be more careful and responsible with our acts because regrets always come at the end.